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With that much bacon, it can do whatever it wants. Right now, it wants to cover your fries with creamy cheese sauce, shredded cheddar, and a bunch of bacon.

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Get free Baconator Fries with any purchase when you download the app. Plus, you can order from your phone and even get delivery. Whether through our app or through our site, you can place an order from anywhere and even get delivery through DoorDash. The future is here, and once you order online, your food will be, too.

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Offer only available at participating U. Registration in application is required. Find out what our favorite picks are right now and the new items we're offering. Learn about Wendy's fresh beef burger options. Discover Wendy's fresh-made salad options. Extra Chicken Finger Hand-breaded on the outside, tender on the inside, its like the bad boy who is secretly the big ol' softie of our menu. Cookie Just like mom used to make, only better. Brownie A freshly baked, deliciously tempting brownie made with chocolate chunks.

No, you can't lick the bowl! With over refreshing choices all available in-store, Coca-Cola Freestyle gives you the freedom to explore, pour, and enjoy your perfect drink. Gallon of Sweet Tea Bottoms up!

Preston's Restaurant in Blacksburg VA | The Inn at Virginia Tech

Help your guests wash down all that absolutely craveable flavor with a refreshing glass of sweet or unsweet tea. Gallon of Unsweetened Tea Bottoms up! Kickin Chicken Sandwich Meal It's our famous chicken…with a kick. Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal Not living the fried life? Try this favorite with grilled chicken, Honey Mustard Sauce, tomatoes, and crisp lettuce on a toasted potato bun, served with Crinkle Fries and a 22oz. Ranch Creamy, cool and delicious, this home-style sauce tastes great on just about anything. It's like the Swiss Army knife of the sauce world.

Honey Mustard A lotta sweet and a little tang make this classic the go-to sauce. You've made a great decision with this dip. Marinara A classic red tomato sauce, delicately seasoned with garlic and Parmesan cheese. Pack your bags for a Caribbean flavor trip! Our most popular sauce.

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Enough to drive you Original Our take on the classic Buffalo flavor that started it all. Hot Honey Mustard A little taste of honey and a hint of mustard. A perfect mixture of sweet citrus, spicy ginger and the kick of red chili pepper. Teriyaki A sweet sauce bursting with the tongue tantalizing flavors of soy, garlic and ginger. BBQ Rustle up this full-flavored, smoky sauce with a hint of hickory. Extra Dressing Choose from: Store Location Our founders had the simple idea to serve delicious chicken fingers, wings, sandwiches and salads in a fun, offbeat atmosphere where you can be yourself.

Yes , please send me regular updates and information on Zaxby's Catering. A catering manager will contact you shortly about your order. Boneless Wings Platter Now there's nothing to get in the way of all that flavor. Try our Boneless Wings tossed in your choice of our mouthwatering sauces, served with celery and Ranch Sauce. This platter serves with 60 Boneless Wings. Traditional Wings Platter Traditional Wings tossed in your choice of our mouthwatering sauces, served with celery and Ranch Sauce.

This platter serves with 40 Traditional Wings. Nibblerz Platter It's finger food you'll need a whole hand to handle. Tater Chips Platter A crispy, crunchy, crowd-pleasing platter of tater chips, served with Ranch dipping sauce. Bagged crisps never stood a chance. Texas Toast Platter Can't beat a basket of mouthwatering goodness unless it comes piled high on a platter instead. Order a party-worthy portion of our thick-cut toast 20 half slices , grilled with our signature garlic spread.

Texas Toast on the side. The House Zalad platter serves people and keeps the party going with your choice of up to 5 dressings. Caesar Zalad Platter Hail Caesar! Emperor of the Zalads!

Breakfast Buffet Menu

Comes with a side of croutons and your choice of up to 5 dressings. Blue Zalad Platter We don't sing the blues, we eat them. Because we're both tone deaf and hungry. Mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, Roma tomatoes, blue cheese crumbles, fried onions and Tongue Torch Sauce, served with your choice of fried, grilled, or half-fried, half-grilled chicken. Serves , with your choice of up to 5 dressings. Whatever kind you want. Each platter will keep people happy, a side of Texas Toast and your choice of up to 5 dressings to make sure they stay that way. Garden Zalad Platter Traditional but never boring.

The Garden Zalad Platter serves people and comes with your choice of up to 5 dressings. Base Price displayed below. Please select 2 sides and a dessert to complete your Boxed Lunch and obtain your final price.

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  • Chicken Sandwich Boxed Lunch Grilled chicken breast on a toasted bun. Served with lettuce, tomato, and Honey Mustard sauce on the side. Boneless Wings Boxed Lunch 5 Boneless wings tossed in your choice of one of our mouthwatering sauces. A boxed lunch with chicken salad on honey wheat bread with mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomatoes.

    House Zalad Boxed Lunch Nobody puts salad in a something with corners. Our House Zalad Boxed Lunch includes fresh mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, Roma tomatoes, cheddar and Jack cheese and fried onions, topped with fried or grilled chicken. Please select your dessert to complete your Boxed Lunch and obtain your final price.

    Caesar Zalad Boxed Lunch For once, we thought inside the box. Our Caesar Zalad Boxed Lunch includes fresh mixed greens, Parmesan cheese, bacon and croutons, topped with fried or grilled chicken.

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    • Our Blue Zalad Boxed Lunch includes fresh mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, Roma tomatoes, blue cheese crumbled and fried onions, topped with blackened grill chicken or flavorful Buffalo Chicken Fingerz. Served with grilled or fried chicken, mixed greens, red cabbage, carrots, Roma tomatoes, cucumbers, bacon, fried onions, a hard-boiled egg, and cheddar and Jack cheeses.

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      All boxed up with Texas Toast and your choice of dressing. Coleslaw Try the sweeter side of… sides. Our creamy and dreamy Cole Slaw includes diced cabbage and carrots mixed with our signature dressing. An 8 oz size serves 2 cal and a 32 oz serves Made with tender, all-white-meat chicken, enjoy our Chicken Salad. Cookie Platter Do your guests like cookies?

      We've got you covered with warm, gooey, freshly baked cookies of the chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, and oatmeal raisin persuasion. Brownie Platter Straight from the oven to the part of your guest's brain that demands chocolate. Freshly baked, deliciously tempting brownies made with chocolate chunks.

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      This platter includes one dozen half brownies serving 12 people.